One-time recruitment

One-time recruitment is a service where our company deals with finding the right candidate for a job position in your company. Are you looking for a welder, electrician or chef? We encourage you to contact us! We will look for a person who will have the necessary qualifications to cope with the given position. We will also take care of all the formalities. So far, we have managed to recruit over 12,000 people from as many as 37 countries in this way.

What are the advantages of one-time recruitment?

Many companies do not employ recruiters who could conduct interviews and search for competent candidates. By entrusting this task to our company, you can avoid self-recruitment and the stress associated with it. The fee for the service is from 30% to 100% of the employee's remuneration (payment only after a month worked by him). You can also choose an hourly fee. For unskilled employees it is PLN 1 for each hour, and for qualified employees PLN 3 for each hour worked.

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